Piano Competition Professional

The 18th International Piano Competition MozARTe will take place in the Hochschule für Musik und Tanz Köln - Aachen, Theaterplatz 16 in 52062 Aachen, Germany from 04 - 11 September 2022.

The first 50 applications in order of entrance will be considered and invited to the competition.
Students of the jury members are not allowed to participate in the Competition. The Age Limit is 32 years until 9 September 2022 and all nationalities will be accepted.

For application informations go to [Application].

The applications can be done from 05 April - 31 July!

Competition Program

1. Round (10 to max. 12 min.)
- free choice of program
Semifinal (25 to max. 30 min.)

- free choice of program


Final (35 to max. 40 min.)
- one or more pieces of W.A. Mozart with minimum duration of 10 minutes

- free choice of program


Program changes will be not accepted after 31. July!


PianoManía - Coffeeconcerts

All contestants have the chance to participate at the public concert "PianoManía" on 11th September 2022 and get a professional video recording of their performance. 

The competition jury will choose the participants and their pieces, which will be performed in the Coffeeconcert. The participation for all contestants is free.


1. prize - 3000€

2. prize - 1500€

3. prize - 750€

MozArte audience prize (will be chosen from Junior A, Junior B, Young Professional and Professional)

Mozart prize (can be chosen from all rounds)

Concert engagements in Germany, the Netherlands, Croatia and Italy including the Orpheo-concert series in Kerkrade, the Piano Loop Festival in Split etc.

Competition rules

1. Program changes will be just accepted until 31. July 2022

2. Jury decisions are binding

3. All pieces have to be played by heart. Repeating the competition program is not allowed

4. The application fee can not be refunded except the competition have to be cancelled due to force majeure

5. The jury is allowed to stop the performance if the explicit length is exceeded

6. Students of the jury are not allowed to participate at the competition

7. The competition is allowed to record and film all performances

8. The competition will not take responsibility of the competitor's belongings

9. The competitors will bear the costs of the travel and the accommodation

Competition venue and calendar

concert hall of the Musikhochschule Köln - Aachen (Theaterplatz 16)
concert hall of the Musikhochschule Köln - Aachen (Theaterplatz 16)
Competition calendar
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